23. helmikuuta 2008

Mario pattern

This beret is a tribute for Magic Mushrooms from Super Mario Bros. Pow!

Beret, Mittens & Ene
size: ~56 cm
5,0 or size needed to obtain gauge
16 s/10 cm in stocking stitch
Bulky. You can use something like SandnesGarn Easy (107g~110m), SandnesGarn Alfa Glitter (100g~120m), Mambo, Katia Peru (110g~130m)...
Cast on 72 stitch. Join in the round, being careful not to twist stitches. Place stitch marker to indicate the start of round.

Now work for the brim by knitting 2 and purling 2. k2 p2 for 7 rounds (or desired length).

rnd 8: *k1, m1, k1, p2* repeat *-* to end (90sts) make stitch by knitting throuh back loop (tbl)

rnd 9-15: knit

rnd 16: k9, m1, *k10,m1* repeat *-* to end (99sts)

rnd 17: knit and keep knitting until the main body of the hat (excluding the brim) measures approximately 17 cm.

start crown shapings:
rnd 1: k9, *k8, k2tog* repeat *-* to end
rnd 2: knit
rnd 3: *k7, k2tog* repeat *-* to end
rnd 4: knit

You are decreasing 10 sts per round. Keep going like this, with one stitch less between the decreases on each round until...

rnd 14: *k1, k2tog* repeat *-* to end
rnd 15: knit
rnd 16 AND 17: *k2tog* repeat *-* to end

Break theyarn and thread through remaining sts and tighten to close. Weave in all ends, put beret on your head and make faces to the mirror :D

Beret, Mittens & Ene

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Nimetön kirjoitti...

Hola Jatta!! Greetings from Madrid!! I have been told by Aini that you are looking for an special knitting wool that is made in Spain...I have a friend who owns a wool and knit shop in Barcelona and she maybe can help you to find what you are looking for. Her name is Jeni and she is american, so not any issue with the language ;o). Good luck!!

Cheers - Zenaida

Jatta kirjoitti...

Hi Zenaida! I found that wool that I was looking for in webshop right here in Finland :D Thanks for that link anyway, I may purchase something else there ;)
Had so much fun in Madrid, I will come again next summer - beware!!
Kisses and hugs to Nerea, sweetest baby girl in the whole world, and Tapani too :D


Zaz kirjoitti...

hello jatta,
what a beautiful beret, thank you for sharing it.
the scarf is so lovely too, is it your own pattern that is in the free section? the "holes" look like a web.

i am not sure about one sentence in the first decrease row where you say to knit 9 then *knit 8, K2Tg* repeat, is there a k2Tg after the knit 9 that is missing?

what's your ID on ravelry?
mine is Zaz :)

Jatta kirjoitti...

Hi! Thanks for visiting :D

The scafr in boh pictures is Nancy Bush's Ene's Scarf. Lovely pattern, I recommend!

Decreases in pattern are written correctly, theres totally 99sts in beret befote decreases, so I "evened up" those stitches in first decrease round. I hope my explanation makes sense :D

My Ravelry ID is Jatta, let's see there!

Nimetön kirjoitti...


Schönes und Gutes kirjoitti...

Dear Jatta!
Thank you so much for this wonderful pattern. The first winter I don't have to frozen. And really good to understand and easy to knit! One more time: Thankyou! A beautiful hat!
Greetings to finnland - I'll be back one day!

Mia kirjoitti...

Thank you for the pattern, Jatta! Knit a beret with it and it was a hit - and linked back to yours with my pictures at my blog.

Happy and sunny day!